Thursday, September 01, 2005

Can Everything Be Done Just As Well From The Western White House????

I hate George Bush

ow can you justify how slow our government was to respond to the mayhem in New Orleans? How can you justify how our federal government did virtually nothing to prepare to aid New Orleans even in the face of the fact that an evacuation of the entire city had been ordered?

Should we not have had people ready to get down there to aid these people? To be ready to stop the looting (and the quickly descend into more disturbing lawlessness as people realize there is no one to stop them...the violence, the rape, the horror). To be able to feed the hungry. To be able to care for the sick and injured.

More importantly...shouldn't we have had people ready to get down there to save the children? The dying children. The children that have died from dehydration. BABIES!!!! The child who's mother was on MSNBC showing how the child could not maintain consciousness and was becoming more and more difficult to wake up each time...this child that is dying slowly before his mother's eyes...

I can't deal with it. I'm fighting my testosterone to type the words to tell you that I broke down crying while watching the footage on COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN. I couldn't help myself...just as I can't help those down in New Orleans, I imagine...and that's where the tears start...because if news crews can brave it down to so many sections there and not be shot at...where the hell are the people with the power and authority to save those survivors???????????