Monday, June 20, 2005

Why Am I Sitting Here?

Well...I left Dendrite International about a month ago. It was one of the best things that could have happened to me (even if the parting could have gone better), because Dendrite had become one of the worst places I've worked due in no small part to the manager running my old group. There are so many great people working there, though...good friends of I was finding it hard to stay motivated enough to really dedicate myself to finding a new place to work. Part of the lack of motivation can, also, be attributed to the artificially depressed wages in the area due to a lot of active and retired military that can afford to take lesser paying jobs since it isn't their only source of income.

I normally don't have much of a hard time finding a job when I'm really motivated to find one. Truthfully, that is part of why I'm still sitting here right now.

I'm not that motivated. My inheritance is there in the bank account to take care of me during this time. I don't want to live off of it, but I just can't find any inspiration to jump into a job that I won't I needed a few weeks to try to purge the feelings of disgruntledness left over from my stewing at Dendrite.

I don't know if I want to hang around the Hampton Roads area, either. I've been in southeastern VA for about 3 years now. Nothing wrong with the area (other than the depressed wages in many of my areas of interest), but the only thing in the world that truly tied me to this area was a job I no longer have. I have friends and family in the NY/NJ area. Living in North NJ gives you the whole "city that doesn't sleep" benefits of being near NY with less of the drawbacks. Being a night owl, that's a pretty nice attraction for me.

But it isn't as if my wanderlust is focused only on NJ. I've lived in Chicago and Los Angeles previously and there is a part of me that wouldn't mind trying those places again...or trying a move to someplace I've never lived before and have no friends or family in. It would be interesting, to say the least. A fresh start...just sounds nice right now.

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Mike said...

What are you up to now?
How about Rove?
Anyway, I miss our discussions & banters @ work~