Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'm Thankful For Many Things

None of which include thankfulness for the results of Election Day

I'm thankful that:

  1. I have great family and friends.
  2. There are many groups trying to hold election officials accountable for the errors and issues with the process.
  3. That the groups from #2 kinda sorta maybe include Kerry and the Democratic Party (though that is by no means certain).
  4. That I live in a country where I can title a blog post "McCain Did It For The Reach Around", even if that means I regret the crude humor days later.
  5. That I don't absolutely need a second job (for now).
  6. That I have the time to sit down and post stuff like this.
  7. That I can piss away a few extra dollars trying to bring readers to the blog that I waste my time on.
  8. That, even though there is more I could list, I am able to say I'm calling it a night.

It's that time of year...the holidays. I'll be making every effort to provide some updates...especially if I get some interesting recount news.

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