Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Where Is the Moral Outrage?

Growing up, I recall a great moral outcry against South Africa for the crimes against my darker skinned brothers and sisters. Boycotts against companies that did business with or in South Africa based on their practice of apartheid. Where is the outrage regarding the forced labor camps in China? The human rights abuses against people who create products for many corporations. Go around your house...check a few things for the label of where it was made. From phones and speakers to Phat Farm clothing and virtually anything sold in Wal-Mart (a company that (I only say with tongue half in cheek) is ushering in hell on Earth)...they are being made by workers who are threatened with death if they refuse to produce.

Speaking of a lack of moral outrage...how about the treatment of the Palestinian people? Oh...we all hear how groups commit acts of terrorism against Israel in the name of defending Palestine. Why was so little media attention given to the display of words and photographs from past Israeli soldiers who can no longer stand idly by letting the discussion be so lopsided...no longer stomach holding on to information regarding the atrocities that go on daily.

Somehow...it appears as long as the reason behind the human rights abuses aren't based mostly on a difference in skin color between the two groups, it isn't newsworthy. That isn't to criticize the efforts against South Africa. It is to criticize the current crop of journalists that seem all to content to only focus on news and angles that sell papers and magazines or drive ratings points.

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