Friday, November 12, 2004

A Little Welcome to New Readers

New Readers? This Blog Started Last Sunday! has been around a short time, but there are new readers everyday. I'm taking this moment to ask that, if you read no other post, please read "WHERE IS THE MORAL OUTRAGE?"

Why? Because as heartfelt and important as I feel US HOUSE OF LORDS is...and it really is...that post isn't the sexiest set of words in the world. Which, I guess, speaks to one of the weaknesses in this apathetic country: the most important issues can often fail to capture the attention of an electorate that doesn't really care so much about gerrymandering as they do about whether Rupert really deserved to win the first SURVIVOR.

Anyway...come for the "WHERE IS THE MORAL OUTRAGE?", stay for the "US HOUSE OF LORDS".


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