Monday, November 22, 2004

McCain Did It For The Reach Around

John swallowed more than his principles when he endorsed Bush for re-election

I believe it is official: McCain endorsed Bush in order to guarantee himself an excellent chance at garnering his party's nomination in 2008.

Let us be clear on something: I have said many times over the last 4 years that I could have gone to sleep happy on Election Night without knowing who won had it boiled down to Bill Bradley vs. John McCain for the privilege of serving this great nation. I would have gone whistling down the street through the whole recount process. I could imagine McCain and Bradley being cordial through the whole process and allowing every vote to be counted without courts needing to be involved.

But it is possible that the John McCain of the 2000 Republican primaries doesn't exist anymore. That McCain wouldn't have given a ringing endorsement to the same Bush that smeared his good name and military record. But this McCain hugged and kissed Dubya, for God's sake! The 2000 McCain wouldn't have ignored all of the work that he collaborated with Kerry on to support Bush. McCain wouldn't have supported a President that he acknowledges has mismanaged the war in Iraq, the war on terror, and the piss poor economy (amongst other things).

It is a sad day when the true leaders in public service we have become nothing more than favor-trading politicians.

I've experienced two days like that in the last few years:
  • the day that Colin Powell went from dove to hawk overnight, after being put over Dubya's knee on the issue of making war with Saddam
  • the day that John McCain tossed his principles aside just so he can give it a go in 2008

Don't know how many days like that I can stand before I lose the faith I have left in our methods of finding and choosing leaders.

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